Pirate Cupcakes

At Pirate Cupcakes our unique & elite flavored cupcakes are made to order with the freshest ingredients.

This of course translates into us needing a bit of advanced notice on orders, 72 hours to be exact.  Even more advance notice is greatly appreciated for large orders & holiday pickup! (If you absolutely need your order filled sooner we are not above being bribed, sweet talked, cajoled, enticed, flattered or coaxed into baking orders with shorter notice if it’s possible!)

The minimum order is 1/2 dozen of same flavor/frosting combination, additional flavor/frosting combinations can be added in 1/2 dozen increments except for minis where the minimum order is 2 dozen.


Elite flavors incorporate alcohol, specialty liquors, microbrews, specialty extracts etc in the batter. All cupcakes come with your choice of tinted flavored frosting & basic decorations of tinted sugar sprinkle & sauce drizzle (chocolate, salted caramel, etc.)

Specialty toppings, custom decorations, colored liners, paper wraps, etc can be added to enhance your cupcakes and are available upon request at an additional cost per cupcake

All orders come in white bakery boxes topped with our exclusive Pirate Cupcakes sticker and are available for pickup at Captain Larry's Bar & Grill, 601 E. Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230 Tuesday through Sundays anytime after 11:30 am. 

To get your hands on some delectable Pirate Cupcakes email us patty@piratecupcakes.com, call 410.241.3009

Have a delightful day, and thanks for getting hooked on Pirate Cupcakes!